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Classes & Curriculum

Our Curriculum

TLC curriculum is a Reggio-inspired, emergent, play-based program that incorporates the standards established by the Indiana Early Childhood Foundations.

Throughout the school year, all children will gradually learn to maintain an increased attention span; develop self-regulation and independence; and develop age-appropriate fine and gross motor skills. Children will be introduced to safety rules, good health and nutrition habits, and healthy interpersonal skills. They will learn about sharing, listening, and the love of God.  In addition, each age group will have specific learning goals which align with the Early Childhood Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards.

TLC Early Learning is a Level 3 Paths to Quality program.

Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia Approach originated in the town of Reggio Emilia in Italy out of a movement towards progressive and cooperative early childhood education.  Outside of the town of Reggio Emilia, all schools and preschools are Reggio-inspired, using an adaptation of the approach specific to the needs of their community.  The Reggio Emilia Approach values the child as strong, capable and resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge, and is guided by the following fundamental principles:

  • Children are capable of constructing their own learning.

  • Children form an understanding of themselves and their place in the world through their interactions with others.

  • Children are communicators.

  • The environment is the third teacher.

  • We observe the children, listen to their questions and their stories, discover their interests and provide them with opportunities to explore these interests further.

  • Emphasis on documenting children’s thoughts, works and progress.

  • Children have rights.

  • Children are competent & rich in potential.


The Reggio Emilia Approach emphasizes hands-on discovery learning that allows the child to use all their senses and all their languages to learn.

Outdoor Learning

We are a Nature Explore Certified Classroom. Time will be allotted daily (weather permitting) giving children opportunities to explore, discover and learn about the natural world while providing positive and meaningful play opportunities for children. Sometimes the natural world presents learning opportunities that will linger for long periods of time and other times the opportunities might be fleeting moments. Teachers become facilitators of children’s learning about the natural environment by providing materials and embedding the required foundations and skills while engaging children during this outdoor exploration time. The indoor and outdoor exploration opportunities and materials should bridge these two learning environments. Classes will spend time on the church grounds and travel to the “Beyond” (Greenhurst Commons). 

Daily Routines

​Daily routines include:

  • Choice Time/Centers (Reading/Listening, Science/STEM, Writing, Math, Art, Sensory Play, Dramatic Play, Music, Small Motor/Manipulative)

  • Community Meeting (large group)

  • Outdoor Exploration

  • Gross Motor

  • Fine Arts Class

  • Small group/ Individualized Instruction

  • Fine Arts Enrichment

  • Bible Time

  • Snack

  • Chapel – twice a month

  • Library – weekly

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Ages 2.5-3

Ages 3-4

Ages 4-5


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